PLEASE let me know if you’re sick of it

I wrote an email to the crew recently and I wanted to share it with you.

Subject: PLEASE let me know if you’re sick of it

I want to know if you’re sick and tired of being on the hamster wheel?

We’re almost 9 months into the year with only 3 left…

Has this year worked out like you planned?

Are you still buying stuff you don’t use?

Are you frustrated and overwhelmed that you haven’t gotten the traction you expected by now?

Seriously I want to know just reply to this email and tell me where you’re at.

This is my private account so just reply. (you can leave a comment below)

I’d love to know the answers to these questions.

Most importantly tell me where you want to be what’s your hearts desire.

Then tell my why you think you’e not where you want to be.

I’m going to be working late into the night tonight so I’ll be reading your email plus everyone that responds.

My guess is that you’re sick and tired of being where you’re at, and you want get traction, and get your online business off the ground.

So tell me why you think it’s not happening for you.

I know it’s possible for you.

I did it after losing everything that meant everything to me in life 9 years ago.

And I’ve witnessed countless success stories of other people that have also been able to do it without any special means.

So I’m trying to figure out why you may be stuck to see if I can shed some light on helping you get to where you want to go.

Just hit reply and let it all out.

Yours For Prosperity,

Anthony Aires

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